While employees can easily keep their personal work areas clean and clutter-free, our commercial cleaning team handles the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom sanitization, windows and more.

Office Buildings

We dust every surface that juts out, including window sills and baseboards. Then, we’ll clean hanging picture frames, mirrors, furniture and items that are sitting on the furniture. There is an option to make up the bed with fresh linens as well. Rest assured we’ll take care of all your cobwebs and dust in hard to reach places. Our Peachy Kleen professional housekeepers will finish the bedroom with a thorough vacuuming.

If you have wooden or tile floors, we will scrub and thoroughly clean them leaving you with a like new shine. We provide window cleaning as well inside.


Many customers call upon our professional cleaning company to thoroughly disinfect and clean their bathrooms. We take great care in combating soap scum and other unsightly buildup to ensure a clean and shiny bathroom.

Our routine residential bathroom cleaning begins with removing rugs and excess hair from floors. After removing cobwebs and dusting pictures, blinds, shelves and baseboards, we then remove all the items from your shower to apply a highly-concentrated tile and grout cleaner. We thoroughly wipe your tub and shower surround, making fixtures shine while removing any built-up soap residue.

We also take great care in cleaning, drying and shining all mirrors, chrome and tile, making sure to thoroughly clean your vanity and sink. We clean the entire toilet inside and out to disinfect. We then sweep and mop floors and empty the trash.

As a professional cleaning company, Peachy Kleen takes great pride in our work, which means we guarantee your bathroom will shine.


Peachy Kleen offers full service floor cleaning for all types of flooring. Carpet cleaning, hardwood floors, tile floors, we clean them all. We use high quality green cleaning solutions to ensure the best service possible not only to you but to the environment.


At Peachy Kleen we believe a sparkling clean window is an important part of your sparkling clean home. We take great care in removing hard water spots, cleaning tracks, and making sure your windows are sparkling clean and clear both inside and out.

We work with all window types including skylight cleaning and storm window washing. We use all high quality environmentally safe cleaning solutions.